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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Maximum Fairytale Management

"It is time for you to stop all of your grave-robbing"

Extracts from the purple bumper bedside FTMT Book of behavioural suggestions :

Life is raft? Now is a raft?

For every core truth there are a myriad of angles to view it from.

Spins & spells & wishing wells.

Life is lived by all sorts of people in all sorts of ways.

If things don’t change they wont change and if things won’t change they don’t change.

It is possible.

It is dangerous having friends with enemies.

Am running out of tomorrows.

Choose or life will choose for you.

Where will it go in 10 13 ?

You are what you process.

Vulnerable is the heart that needs the love of another heart.

Love is the way forward.

It is better to know what love is than what it isn’t.

Certain Collective & Configurations of + x star stuff =

a) Certain collective & configurations of life & consciousness?
b) Host for above?
c) Porthole to above/
d) Other?

We belong back out there.

The moments are important but so are the spaces and journeys in between.

Provision of primal biopsychochemical needs promotes pursuit of ultimate purpose.

You expand me.

If we don’t live now we won’t live now.

Whatever it is that we transmit to each other is good.

Rat race, rut race, rat rut race, face, about face, replace.

If thing don’t change they remain the same.

If you tend and work in the garden of life you will also be able to enjoy sitting and relaxing in it.

If you stand on the banks of the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will eventually float by.

I no longer go fishing with hand grenades.

All the negative emotions that hold us back are imaginary.

Moments are precious and abundant.

A moment = time, time = resource, resource = stuff to achieve/grow/convert into other stuff with.

Words escape, are released through vocal chords and fingers, are there ways out for melodies also?

Ingredients each of us has in abundance: time, others, stuff around, skills, me, truths, desired outcomes, thoughts, measures, feelings, energies, power, *.

Money = a way of sharing / passing on power. I do want to be able to do that in abundance therefore having abundant money constantly at my disposal is one of my needs.

Tomorrow night when you’re not here, you’ll be watching the game in some hotel room and the cat and I will miss you.

Forever = now.

If E=mc2 then in order to release E supply c to me/you/whatever.
C = the speed of light = light moving. I am not conscious of how to find light that is not moving and any light I find must be moving so if E=mc2 then to release E apply light as we know it.

You can have more than one original idea.

Is any of this in a particular order? (Not now!)

Stuff exists.

Nothing is impossible – if that is truth than that means that there always has been and always will be something.

Two crap CDs for $22 isn’t a bargain.

“We played on despite that burning interlude that God so kindly planned for us… and when the songs came back together… that golden stream of light and being was as strong and fast and unknowable as ever… and straight above my head, like it had never left.”

People’ll tell you where they’ve been, they’ll tell you where to go, but till you get there yourself, you never really know.

Evidence points to… all things are possible. Things that exist, things that are imagined, things that are wanted.

Never stop doing it.

She said ‘Everyone needs a prototype.” You were mine.

She picks me up and then makes me crawl,
She listens in, then walks through the wall,
Baby’s got brown eyes you know,
Follows me everywhere I go.

How can I think what I haven’t thought?

It is such a sweet thing…

Space changer, life invader, hot dad, cool lover.

This is a day stuffed full of moments.

I don’t want to be without you.

I don’t want not to be.

Activation of: - exploration & assimilation, analysis & aspiration, assembly & dissemination = happiness.

Great writers all wrote at (great) tables,
And so the world moved forward, as the tables surrendered their work.

Things that effect us.
Still stand outside us.
Change your attitude and then as a ship entering harbour you will find calm.
There is order in this crazy universe. Laws and reasons. Time and seasons. Purposes and plans. I just don’t understand. Hold on to my hand…
So who knows what creeps? Behind the wall of sleep.

When the time comes, submit to providence.
You have no choice so do it with dignity.

Move forward not back.

Successful people management often means,
Adapting your management style,
So that you do not threaten,
The comfort zones of others.

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