FTMT's Favourite Five Top Tenets

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tom Horn

Tom Horn, you woke up this morning and wished, you'd never been born.
Tom Horn, a simple life, undone and lost, forlorn.

We all need to grow, we all need to change, we all need to understand the virtue and the range of our time. Time is sublime, you need to change, Tom Horn.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Useless Money

When the day is done. You have piles of useless money.
When the sun falls down. You can't spend your useless money.

Useless money grows on trees.
Brings relations to their knees.
Useless money won't pay bills.
It counts you out and steals your will.

In every shopping mall. People spending useless money.
You can't catch an eye. They're all blind to useless money.

Useless money's tied up more.
In property or just off-shore.
In the chip in your little card.
Try to claim but there's no reward.

Try to claim but there's no reward.
All you've got is useless money.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ubuntu utnubu

Life in a parallel universe. Life in a universe where sexism, racism, fascism and all other glorified isms are less than isms, they are non-isms. Our strange god is the god ubuntu, a sterile, un-worshiped, non profit making god who works for us, not against us. Our relationship with him remains taut and untested, fragile and pure, dangerous and unsafe. We stay tense. His angels speak slowly and clearly when they pass on their short, important messages. In the office of our daily tortures we admire them from a safe distance as their edicts are downloaded and consumed, we treasure their memory. Their holy host, confused and drifting with no obvious purpose remain, as ever unspeakable.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Vashta Nerada Deconstructed

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got a new note book or sketch book? Didn't you want to keep in neat and clean, have nice drawings on every page and good, clear writing throughout. That book, you thought would live on as some piece of finished work that you have and look back on, your ideas and views would be recorded and your artwork, possibly primitive and not fully formed would still have a meaning.
The book would possibly be a day or maybe two old when the Vashta Nerada would strike. A shadow crossed the mind, a cloud edged out the light and a strange and unwelcome consumption took place. Your will and resolution are gnawed at and slowly eaten away by the princes in the shadows, the voices in the half light, the doubt and mind cancer that set in when you start to fray at the edges. The dumbed down darkness does it's work and by the third page your careful constructions are slowly coming apart, the patience has gone from your work and you are left with scribbles, ill formed and conceived ideas and second rate attempts at sketch or prose. The bubble has burst and the idol has been toppled from the temple, you cannot make this thing work.
By the fifth or sixth pages it has degenerated into comic book scribbles, bomb explosions and cliched sound effects, swear words start to appear and word balloons are too big and mis-shapen. To lose care and the desire to maintain a standard is a terrible thing. The mess only gets worse, the smooth paper surface becomes broken up, the pages and covers are dog eared, some of the spine is beginning to come away. Slowly the pace at which you work decreases, there is little if any detail on the page, light pencil work or cheap pen adorn the blank pages with unfinished notes and hardly discernible images. Then by pages fifteen or sixteen only white, blank sterile paper. The Vashta Nerada have consumed you, your bleak notes are testimony to their heartless triumph and your motor has wound down to zero. Until your mother buys another or you pick up the next pad from some store dump bin.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Let's all think about money, let's all get beat up over money, let's do crazy things to get money, it makes the world go round.
Money isn't abstract, conceptual or vague, money is real paper and pays it to your face.
Let's all fantasise about money, let's sit and daydream on money, let's idly waste time on money, it makes the world go round.
Wars are fought for money, folks are killed for money, some will kill for money, it makes the world go round, and round and down and a whole lot of things possible if you choose to use it wisely.