FTMT's Favourite Five Top Tenets

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The TOP 10 Fairytale Management Principles

The 10 principle points of FTMT are:

1. Everything and anything is possible.
2. Dreams do come true.
3. If you can see it, it can happen.
4. It’s OK to have fun - all the time.
5. Make full use of your talents and strengths.
6. Wishing, thinking and hoping produce positive results - when coupled with the correct action.
7. Take responsibility for your life. Find a friend, find a lover, find success, and find health – whatever.
8. Organised religion should be avoided, it’s a mind poison - All religion is a corruption of FTMT. If you’re disillusioned with it don’t start your own unless you’re simply in it for the money.
9. It's always good to make money - but watch out for principle No8.
10. Before you act - Think about the consequences of your actions – other people count.

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