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Monday, February 21, 2005

12 Short Stories on FTMT are coming your way.

“The 12 short stories listed below are coming your way via the world wide wonder (that’s www to you) that is Fairytale Management Theory. Each has keys, principles and messages all designed to help you understand and apply Fairytale Management to your life. Read carefully, think about the words and meanings, think about what you might do, think about what you already have done and move forward. The first of these tales will be published here shortly.”

“In the mean time I’d suggest that you carefully go over the current contents and archive material to be found on this blog, it will all assist you in your quest.”

The short stories about to be published are:

1. The Throwback.
2. Man with two girlfriends.
3. The couple who wanted to buy the big house.
4. “I will fly a helicopter”.
5. Alcoholic lawyer.
6. The sex change.
7. Petrolhead.
8. The magician’s assistant.
9. The bravest scientist in the world.
10.Phobias and manias.
11.A cure for baldness, impotence and short term memory loss.
12.A fully qualified pedestrian.

Soundtrack material can be found at www.mp3tunes.com/impossiblesongs or www.mperia.com/artists/impossible_songs these will help your study of FTMT processes and produce creative brain wave patterns all across and within your conscious and unconscious mind.

Remember – sitting in a chair is not a sin, floating is not a sin, there is no sin, there is only a positive charge in the room, the negative is the heavy end of the package and dry air will always precede the thunder. Take your finger from the neck of the bottle and allow the ions to rise.

www.impossiblesongs.com and http://impossiblesongs.blogspot.com

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Maximum Fairytale Management

"It is time for you to stop all of your grave-robbing"

Extracts from the purple bumper bedside FTMT Book of behavioural suggestions :

Life is raft? Now is a raft?

For every core truth there are a myriad of angles to view it from.

Spins & spells & wishing wells.

Life is lived by all sorts of people in all sorts of ways.

If things don’t change they wont change and if things won’t change they don’t change.

It is possible.

It is dangerous having friends with enemies.

Am running out of tomorrows.

Choose or life will choose for you.

Where will it go in 10 13 ?

You are what you process.

Vulnerable is the heart that needs the love of another heart.

Love is the way forward.

It is better to know what love is than what it isn’t.

Certain Collective & Configurations of + x star stuff =

a) Certain collective & configurations of life & consciousness?
b) Host for above?
c) Porthole to above/
d) Other?

We belong back out there.

The moments are important but so are the spaces and journeys in between.

Provision of primal biopsychochemical needs promotes pursuit of ultimate purpose.

You expand me.

If we don’t live now we won’t live now.

Whatever it is that we transmit to each other is good.

Rat race, rut race, rat rut race, face, about face, replace.

If thing don’t change they remain the same.

If you tend and work in the garden of life you will also be able to enjoy sitting and relaxing in it.

If you stand on the banks of the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will eventually float by.

I no longer go fishing with hand grenades.

All the negative emotions that hold us back are imaginary.

Moments are precious and abundant.

A moment = time, time = resource, resource = stuff to achieve/grow/convert into other stuff with.

Words escape, are released through vocal chords and fingers, are there ways out for melodies also?

Ingredients each of us has in abundance: time, others, stuff around, skills, me, truths, desired outcomes, thoughts, measures, feelings, energies, power, *.

Money = a way of sharing / passing on power. I do want to be able to do that in abundance therefore having abundant money constantly at my disposal is one of my needs.

Tomorrow night when you’re not here, you’ll be watching the game in some hotel room and the cat and I will miss you.

Forever = now.

If E=mc2 then in order to release E supply c to me/you/whatever.
C = the speed of light = light moving. I am not conscious of how to find light that is not moving and any light I find must be moving so if E=mc2 then to release E apply light as we know it.

You can have more than one original idea.

Is any of this in a particular order? (Not now!)

Stuff exists.

Nothing is impossible – if that is truth than that means that there always has been and always will be something.

Two crap CDs for $22 isn’t a bargain.

“We played on despite that burning interlude that God so kindly planned for us… and when the songs came back together… that golden stream of light and being was as strong and fast and unknowable as ever… and straight above my head, like it had never left.”

People’ll tell you where they’ve been, they’ll tell you where to go, but till you get there yourself, you never really know.

Evidence points to… all things are possible. Things that exist, things that are imagined, things that are wanted.

Never stop doing it.

She said ‘Everyone needs a prototype.” You were mine.

She picks me up and then makes me crawl,
She listens in, then walks through the wall,
Baby’s got brown eyes you know,
Follows me everywhere I go.

How can I think what I haven’t thought?

It is such a sweet thing…

Space changer, life invader, hot dad, cool lover.

This is a day stuffed full of moments.

I don’t want to be without you.

I don’t want not to be.

Activation of: - exploration & assimilation, analysis & aspiration, assembly & dissemination = happiness.

Great writers all wrote at (great) tables,
And so the world moved forward, as the tables surrendered their work.

Things that effect us.
Still stand outside us.
Change your attitude and then as a ship entering harbour you will find calm.
There is order in this crazy universe. Laws and reasons. Time and seasons. Purposes and plans. I just don’t understand. Hold on to my hand…
So who knows what creeps? Behind the wall of sleep.

When the time comes, submit to providence.
You have no choice so do it with dignity.

Move forward not back.

Successful people management often means,
Adapting your management style,
So that you do not threaten,
The comfort zones of others.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A selection of wise words

Advice, creative thought and ideas – basic things to do, exercises to practice, directions to develop, think over and do:

Most people do not know how to manage their lives, or that their life needs managed at all.
Believe in a fairytale world.
The truth is hard for people to handle; it therefore needs some management in order to be accepted.
It is better to regret doing something rather than regret doing nothing.
Do not be content with things "just happening" to you. Take control.
Creative forces are all around but need to be identified and tapped into.
It's good to be generous.
Drugs, alcohol and stimulants (of any kind) are not in themselves wrong but need to be used with knowledge and understanding and with some respect for legal limitations.
Science and technology are tools man must try to master but never will.
The understanding of how to administer wealth is missing from large parts of human society.
Don’t underestimate the importance of trivia.
Despite technological advances and the best communications systems ever, communication between people is still neglected.
Some of the greatest people in history were pretty stupid.
You can’t know everything so focus on what you want to know.
Qualifications often mask character deficits.
Older people often do know best - experience should not be ignored.
It's good to work with your hands.
People will lie, not because they wish to cause harm but because they are afraid and feel they must protect themselves and their interests.
There is corruption throughout the world, do not give into it.
Do not adopt the mass conscience.
If the systems guys at work say it won’t work, they are probably wrong and they just don’t have the answer.
Find a comfortable chair at home and at work and don’t give it up.
Human culture is only valuable if it is viable.
Ask questions of yourself and others.
They way you conduct yourself is important.
You can improve anything about yourself.
More and more people are forgetting how to do basic life skill things.
Your capacity to learn is far in excess of what you believe.
Sedimentary lifestyle choices will rob you of joy.
To be quick the mind needs to be exercised.
Cats bite the people they love most.
We are never alone in any sense of the word.
Dogs will bite anybody.
Fill your life with music, it needs a soundtrack.
Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad, don’t be so quick to judge which is which.
Eat a colourful and balanced diet.
Don't be afraid to love people.
Your body is your own, use it as you will but respect it.
Practice mental arithmetic or do it longhand – try to live without calculators.
Respect the space of others.
Take care of your teeth.
Take care of your thoughts, exercise your memory.
Most sports or games are pointless but are fun. Don't take them seriously.
People want to help you most of the time if they think there is something in it for them.
If you can, smile more often.
Read quality newspapers and magazines and develop views.
Allow yourself treats and rewards.
Friendships can be awkward at times.
Tiny universes exist all around.
Look at politics and try to see what the real issues are not the spun versions.
Believe in your own answers to problems.
The good in you will always rise to the surface.
Sex should be loving and fun.
Ships will pass in the night.
Politically correct language is often sterile.
Your family is important.
Magic exists and should be used if necessary (but is misunderstood by men and science).
Politicians are very scared people, bare in mind that that is where they are coming from.
Look at the sky often and ponder its vastness.
Don't buy into the latest theory.
Statistics are easy to manipulate to you own ends.
Most shopping is pointless, don’t get sucked in.
Don't allow advertisements to form your views and thinking.
Don't go for the quick fix.
It is possible that you have a doppelganger.
Motoring technology has not really changed in 100 years.
Your children need to spend quality time with you, whatever age they are.
Do not allow gaps to develop in relationships you wish to /need to sustain.
Experience as many things as you can.
Write down your thoughts however trivial or silly they may seem.
Develop your opinions; argue with yourself to test them.
Don't be lazy.
Regularly imagine that you are another person altogether.
Think of new words.
Loyalty is rare and costly.
Look out for signs or evidence of alien life forms.
Take an interest in the supernatural.
Toffee is not a food.
Beachcomb occasionally.
Visit ruined buildings and try to visualise who might have lived there.
Keep photograph albums.
Tell a stranger that you are wearing odd socks.
Try a new kind of food or drink every week.
Make faces at yourself in the mirror.
Develop and awareness of the rhythm of your body, optimise the positive or "easier" times.
Ask a trusted friend how you are doing.
Try to take a balanced view on all things on which you have yet to form a strong or informed opinion.
Steer clear of any organised religion.
In the working environment few people see past the end of their own desk or bench.
Respect animals but eat them if available.
All machines are a type of domestic appliance.
History and geography are interesting.
Be aware of the changes of the seasons; look for the boundaries in things.
When you sleep expect to dream.
Schools fail to educate; it’s about results and measures, you need to take responsibility for your own education.
If you think you can win, or know the answer - enter the competition.
Someone else can always do your job, but your own ideas are unique.
Your body is a machine that needs some attention now and then.
You are going to die someday, as are those you love, think about it but don't dwell on it. Prepare your mind for the inevitable things in life.
People's personal habits will inevitably disappoint or annoy you.
Filing systems are not usually 100% correct.
Your current bank account balance will never be correct according to your calculations.
Don't be afraid of rain or cold.
Ironing T-shirts is a waste of time
Visit vantage points on tall buildings or atop hills and review your perspective on things.
Joined up thinking in processes is rare - you need to encourage it.
Take time to look at small things in detail.
Imagine how your car feels about being asked to start up quickly on an icy cold morning.
Visualise thought processes, try to link them.
Think of the universe as a big clock.
Tabloid style news does not present an accurate picture of anything.
Give names to cuddly toys and write stories about them.
People who polish their cars all weekend have problems.
Search for your partner's name on the web; see who shares it and what they are up to.
Establishment figures high up in matters of culture are generally very limited thinkers whose thoughts and views have been sanitised by the education and career process they have come through.
If you don't have an answer make one up, then retract it later.
Both men and women can be moody, give the other some time.
Imagine that particles carried by the wind are landing on you and changing you very subtly all the time.
There are few if any radicals now.
Try to think what might be over the horizon.
Visit a cathedral; ask yourself what made people build it in the first place.
Read gravestones.
Learn key words in other languages.
People follow fashion because they need others to think for them.
When you watch a movie try to identify the type of plot used.
Sniff the air now and again.
Often people in positions senior to yourself at work are out of their depth and afraid of discovery. Use that.
Practice mental arithmetic - fewer people can count now than ever before.
Imagine the earth had a dark side like the moon, where would you want to live?
Think on your earliest memory.
Cosmic dust is everywhere.
Plan a surprise for someone.
When you shop - work from a list.
Regularly look at the world through a telescope.
Pick up your feet.
At any moment a new scientific theory could emerge that could undermine all our universal beliefs.
Society is not just; don't be disappointed when justice fails.
Many of the strongest prevailing opinions are not thought through or defensible, they are simply the most loudly broadcast.
You can't solve all the world's problems and some are simply beyond human solution.
Space travel is a good thing but it doesn't yet make economic sense.
People's taste in music and art is often shocking.
Don't worry if you're a slow typist.
Every body wears some kind of underwear that is uncomfortable to them at some time.
Don't despise black and white films.
All power is tyranny.
Don't dwell on how you may have disappointed others; think on the worthwhile things you've achieved and how they could be built on.
We live on the surface of the earth, consider how little of its bulk below we actually know anything about.
Great art is whatever you think it is.
The white noise on your TV is a record of the big bang.
Forget about people who have let you down or hurt you, if they are no longer a part of your life move on.
Revenge does not produce the results you want.
Sleep with someone you love.
You only need half the clothes you think you need to pack for your holiday.
Whatever things are like today, they will not be same tomorrow, be an agent for positive change.
What is the point of weather forecasters telling you about the weather you just had?
Imagine how your life would look if portrayed as a cartoon strip.
All swimming is controlled drowning.
Icebergs are the unsung marvels of nature and ocean.
Try to think of the space in history we occupy and how ridiculous many of our ideas and habits will appear in 500 years time. What should survive?
Make up a character, write all about them, and then try to find the real person.
Read the names on drain covers and consider that many of these factories and foundries no longer exist.
You need pressure and criticism to be truly creative.
Everything is connected in some way, try to unpick an event retrospectively and understand how it came about.
Seasons are unpredictable.
Examine your face closely and get to know it.
Develop a sense of the eternal, what might a heaven be like?
Try to break a routine or habit that unknowingly you've slipped into.
See yourself as a success but don't lie to yourself.
Ignore statistics, health scares and the results of studies.
Beware of newscasts where reporters interview other reporters and ask them what they think.
Don't deny your age or be afraid of getting older.
When the road is clear and safe, drive fast.
It's ok to make lists and inventories.
There is no reason why you shouldn’t get 100% in any test or examination.
Imagine you had a CD collection that covered everything ever produced, how would you approach listening to them?
Cycling is fun but hard work.
Don’t believe anyone who says you will live longer if…how can they possibly know anything?
Study puddle shapes.
The thought of pain is often worse than the pain itself.
There is nothing wrong with the British climate (or any other – it’s the climate!).
Many of the arguments against environmental change are environmentally flawed.
Always buy a shirt size bigger than you need.
Public transport is a fine idea until you have to use it.
You are not as good a dancer as you think you are.
Civilisation exists all over the world, but the best tend to be found in the most unexpected places.
Those who think poetry should rhyme never read books of poetry.
Nobody memorises telephone numbers anymore.
There is no substitute for substitution.
People always ask the same questions of politicians and are surprised when they get the same answers.
Unlike people, every creature has a purpose.
Cats will always walk across your path if you are carrying a hot drink.
Tune your guitar yourself.
If your breath’s not fresh neither will your thinking be.
A lot of people play golf because they feel they have to.
Those who look forward to retirement have already given up on life.
Learn to take tea or coffee whatever way it comes.
Experiment with all types of artistic media.
Have a screwdriver handy.
Explore supermarkets.
There is no better feeling than realising that you are in love – but recognise and understand the special kind of effort it will take to maintain and sustain that.
Try to see life through a child’s eyes now and then.
Nobody has the faintest idea how many fish there are in the sea.
It’s good to be a survivor, but need to be more than that to find fulfilment.
Accept that you may not be good at mathematics and learn instead to appreciate the power and beauty of it.
The weather pattern has always been changing; there is nothing sensational about that.
Don’t be put of anything because of superficial blemishes.
Imagine the consequences of discovering the world is flat.
Monkeys are not our ancestors.
Always dress to suit the local climate.
Focus on the noises in the background for a change.
If it’s worth having, it’s worth giving away.
Be generous with what you have but don’t be stupid with it.
If you are going to keep animals do it properly.
Aliens are shy but observant.
People who are satisfied with their lives have a problem.
Reflections are the opposite image of the real thing, not the real thing itself.
Dark is normal but with the light removed.
Fireworks don’t last.
Be at peace with your sexuality and sex drives.
Cats will meow for attention, what do you do?
Vegetarians are missing out - whatever they may tell you.
There is a lot more stuff under the earth than there is on top of it.
There are more keys than there are locks, but without the right combination you are locked out.
You travel quicker in the upper deck of a bus than in the lower deck.
Chickens are not harmless.
Stop and check yourself now and again.
If you are expecting a baby you will probably get one.
You cannot eat as many pancakes as you think you can.
Teenagers are not scary animals and scary animals are scary animals.
Yesterday’s weather forecast is always right.
Be grumpy about the amount of crap that comes your way.
The West Coast of the USA has many trees growing on it.
Affection is infectious.
There are no new jokes.
Never be afraid to ask a houseguest to remove their shoes.
Junk cold phone calls never provide a bargain buy.
Expect to be surprised by what happens next.
If you are tired take a break, killing yourself helps no one.
Compressed rubbish did not exist before the fall of man.
Why are sewers only ever a foot deep with water in film scenes?
Pilots never imagine crash landings nor do they experience “falling” dreams.
The price will change when you decide to buy.
Many people are looking for someone to rescue but don’t easily recognise those in difficulties.
Every so often just stop what you are doing and enjoy the moment, forget what you have done and must do and appreciate now.
Gamble if you can take the loss.
The thing you dread may happen, prepare a plan so that you can deal with it and move on.
Get yourself comfortable, and then take the next step.
Some of your best ideas arrive early in the morning, recognise them and record them.
Enjoy the feel of things.
There are many human skills that are now lost forever.
Avoid deep dark water.
Give yourself a new middle name.
Men and women are different but work very well together, learn from each other’s strengths.
Walk as far as you can see.
Monkeys are not cute; they are scary unpredictable animals.
Telephone conversations are no substitute for the real thing – face-to-face conversations.
There is a golden stream of creative power that you can tap into.
Light a candle and stare into the flame.
Zoo animals may be quite happy for all you know.
See yourself differently.
Think in light years.
Take the medicine before the headache gets really bad.
Imagine you could touch something at long distance.
Be aware of the tone and volume of your voice.
Change a little bit every day.
Looking into a crystal ball does not reveal the future.
The trash buried in landfill sites will still be there in 10000 years. You wont.
All theories are exactly that, theories.
Cookery is just a failed science and cooks are just failed scientists.
Speed up your metabolism.
Notions of the advancement of the human species are based upon our own self-delusion.
Whatever the problem a glass of decent wine can help.
The universe is a big mysterious place, but you are part of it.
In between you and the earth’s burning molten core are a number of landfill sites.
Celebrities don’t normally write good books.
The age of the protest song is not over.
We are not related to chimpanzees any more than we are related to frogs, mushrooms or pine trees.

The TOP 10 Fairytale Management Principles

The 10 principle points of FTMT are:

1. Everything and anything is possible.
2. Dreams do come true.
3. If you can see it, it can happen.
4. It’s OK to have fun - all the time.
5. Make full use of your talents and strengths.
6. Wishing, thinking and hoping produce positive results - when coupled with the correct action.
7. Take responsibility for your life. Find a friend, find a lover, find success, and find health – whatever.
8. Organised religion should be avoided, it’s a mind poison - All religion is a corruption of FTMT. If you’re disillusioned with it don’t start your own unless you’re simply in it for the money.
9. It's always good to make money - but watch out for principle No8.
10. Before you act - Think about the consequences of your actions – other people count.

There is no misleading information in Fairytales

Fairytale Management Theory (FTMT)

FTMT can be a life affirming positive set of ideals, ideas and principles that you can apply to your whole life. All aspects of life need to be managed and brought under your control using FTMT methods. All resources, talents strengths and weaknesses need to be understood if they are to be used positively for your good and the general good of all others. FTMT allows you to create the room in your life for the impossible to happen and the space for it to develop. Your own limited, poor quality or just plain non-visionary thinking is your worst enemy. Watch out also for repetition of bad habits in “learned behaviour”; repeating mistakes and falling again and again into negative patterns of working and thinking.

We have been developing FTMT over a number of years and have successfully applied it to both major and minor lifestyle changes and choices. It has become obvious to us that it should be shared and utilised by everyone simply because good, positive and “directional” changes occur when it is applied to a whole life or a situation.

FTMT needs to apply to all of your life, home, love and social, career and learning, creative abilities and beyond (spiritual - if that’s what you believe).

FTMT will produce results above and beyond your expectations if you actively and enthusiastically follow and embrace the principles.