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Monday, May 14, 2012

Red Robot Rolls Royce

Robot being slowly grilled for experimental reasons.

Rolls Royce: Driving along I fumbled onto a dramatised version of the Great Gatsby on the car radio. Myrtle had just been run over by the yellow Rolls Royce, Daisy was no where to be found and then the shooting incident took place. Lessons learned; I resolved not to bother with day dreams about owning a yellow Rolls Royce and to stick with cars that are less distinctive. Sometimes it's useful to make a show but at other times you're better to just blend in, ask Gatsby. I then wondered how a cast of handsome young robot actors might fare in such a story and in a radio based production.

It's as if everywhere we go this month it is the month of May everywhere.

It's as if everywhere we go this week it is the Robot's week.

Robot politics

And somebody there might say that well yes it's a good idea to do XY and Z but there may well be other people there who would contradict that whole line of thinking and say that no that (XY and Z) is not a good idea in fact that idea is a really bad idea and we all disagree with it and think that only bad people would every consider such a bad idea to be good in anyway which makes the other people think that there must be something wrong with these people which makes the other other people think that there must be something even more wrong with those people and that we have to do something about that at any cost because it's all just gone too far over some imaginary line that we've all been imagining in different ways for some time though some have been imagining that line for a while and others are only now in these current special circumstances starting to consider that line and it's relative position to the two positions that the two groups are holding which are not quite the same as the other positions that some other splinter type groups might be holding that are either between us and them or are somewhere beyond our group and the other group's position but as a wise man once said we are where we are or so we think.