FTMT's Favourite Five Top Tenets

Friday, July 16, 2010

Duck Down

Take care
I’m not a millionaire

Look straight ahead
It’s a velocipede

Know what?
I’m not an astronaut

Take that
You’ll have heart attack

Don’t strain
We cannot make it rain

Hey fox!
Inflatable buttocks

Bling Bling
You like some shiny things

Keep clear
I’ve got a pint of beer

Duck down
Is fluffy.

Random number

Penelope Cruz
Is an actress and dark eyed Latin beauty
She may be under scrutiny
Or not but
She features in films
In feature films
Not non-feature films
Nor non failure films
Or railway films
But films that succeed
Successfully featured
Featuring her
And her featured co-stars
They feature this creature
This lovely creature
For fashion and feature
And occasional screws
Screwed by Tom Cruise
Then had a wee snooze
Did Penelope Cruz
Then got wed in a garden
To Javier Bardem
In a Galliano dress
She is a success
And Spanish apparently.

Some figures were released just in time.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Ships like these

In ships like these, the young men went to war
Saw the things they should not have
Whispered the unspeakable
Watched good friends die
As mistakes were made
Stayed brave and bucked the odds
Swallowed thick oil and salt water
Bobbed in the cold, cruel sea
Cried in bunks and shook with fear
The young men went to war
And came home brittle, hollow, hurt or lost
Voices silenced
Peering through the mysterious glass
To see reason
Ill conceived plans tossed aside, ruined
In ships like these.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The spiral path

I am climbing and so are you. We remain fixed however, stuck on the climb, the long ascent while we wait on oxygen and energy, halfway upstairs.

We share the same problem, the desire to progress, to create and leave a mark while we wrestle with a lack of drive and energy and the daily grind of working and earning.

Our lives are a mess of contradictions and imbalance. We struggle for a time and then seem to glide, we look for progress and see feet stuck in mud. Strangely, all around us the undeserving appear to us to flourish. Succeed.

Our own terms are not on our own terms. They are fixed by others, dark, nameless and hooded. From somewhere ahead they mock - at least that's what we think. Most of the time we are unsure.

But the fact remains that I am climbing and so are you, by degrees and steps, we explore this spiral path.

Which way is up?