FTMT's Favourite Five Top Tenets

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My world in your eyes

Is it truly true that we will never strain or meet?
Stuck like the toffee people on some greasy street
I had to hurry those words as you stretched the goodbye
And all the time I'm conscious of all the times you tried
My world in your eyes
My world in your eyes.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

2 easy poems

Poem 1:

Make more spunk
You big dumb hunk
Hear Daft Punk
Then get drunk
And get a girl
Go out on the town
Spread it around
And lay her down

That's the way of the world
That's the ways of the world
Repetitious behaviour
Forever and ever
Nothing intervenes or gets between
Drunken celebrated sex
Rock n' roll cheese
Drugs and make believe
And hee-haw else
There's nothing else between.

Poem 2:

I've got my benign nihilism
And I'll take it to the bridge
Talks of claws and manuscripts
Raiders of the fridge
The Guardian and Independent
Opinions matter most
I read but I don't understand
My friend the Holy Ghost
These jumbled words are worrisome
Illiterate and dry
Jesus says “don't masturbate”
But you're too tired to try.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Funny Face

Digital suicide
In the silence of your rhyme
We called it sweet despair
Still running out of time.

How the anchors fly
In a storm of hope
How the metaphors
Line up to climb the rope.

Caustic inheritance
From a purse of moths and rags
Sleeping in dirty sheets
All hanging at the back.

How the anchors fly
To pull away the base
Here in infinity
You pull that funny face
You pull that funny face
Just pull your funny face.