FTMT's Favourite Five Top Tenets

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Ballad of Rio Tinto

Digging up Australia and moving it to China
To build your laptop chassis and a copper sheathed vagina
Buying up the Stone Age places for a couple of billion dollars
They’ll have a little money but a homeland that’s much smaller

So fire up all your furnaces your factories and fantasies
Leave the West to wallow in our pre-apocalyptic bankruptcy
I’m glad salvation’s come to manage our dependency
We’ve replaced those economics with some good old fashioned treachery

Shareholders get rich now and the guys all get a beer
Some spanking new diseases and a glittering career
Thanks to global industrials for inventions, plans and deeds
And selling us more products that no one really needs.

spider moon

there once was an enterprising spider
who built a web from the earth to the moon
I guess that she won't be back here
anytime soon

Saturday, September 10, 2016

You can never tell

when he died he was dead and gone
so we explored his house around
dead memories and screwed up stuff
screwed up stuff screwed down

rooms filled with cobwebs
and all the clocks are silent
hidden dusty dramas 
exhausted appetites' disquiet 

tattered comics from the sixties
a collection of women's shoes
christmas decorations
half empty bottles of booze

note books and diaries
Bird's Custard powder packets
amplifiers and audio devices
a quilted smoking jacket

dusty Camaro in the garage
set up on stolen bricks
greasy engines and accidents
and a box of witchcraft sticks

a bin full of cigar butts
letters to the Pope
survival gear and condensed milk
a stash of dessicated dope

they didn't find his body 
just traces of his mind
it's on Ebay now or in the dump
things you have to leave behind

spontaneous combustion
a strange way to go
abducted by aliens
or buried in the snow

plastic bag upon his head
tangerine in his mouth
his girlfriend said he loved her
but I'll always have my doubts

some people go to heaven
others explore their hell
what you leave remains a mystery
no one can never can tell

Friday, June 17, 2016

Golden Meanings

Your wife's so glad you've buggered off
The husband's happy you've quit your job
Now we can freely say what we couldn't say
In the great golden meaning of the day

Religion is a crock of shit
Nothing more you can do with it
Everybody's said what they had to say
With the great golden meaning of today

So here's your life and here's your fate
You start to live just a little too late
The dawn of something gets in the way
It's the great golden meaning of today

Roll up and buy a ticket
Some paradise awaits
Don't ask me what to make of it
I'll just increase the rates

Don't ask for explanation
Don't ask for guides or books
Stare into space and breathe in
Keep eyes closed you can't look

And take that medication
To take bad thoughts away
Your half way outside nowhere's
Golden meaning of today.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Somewhere in the flow

My father kept their wedding cake in the freezer
After the funeral he gave it to the gardener
But there was never a perfect person around
Just half a devil and half and angel in you
But we flow together, like water
Until I can't tell you from me

Let your brother down, let your sister go
Take the long way round, ever in the flow

She is like a tree, she shelters me
So I lie here, in this shade
Help each other, love everyone
Every ray of light you count and forgive
I had no faith but you knew all along
Were you afraid? Really afraid?

Let your brother down, let your sister go
Take the long way round, ever in the flow

We all lose something along the way
Gloves and scarves and memories
Things turned over and down
Drawers with forgotten contents
Journeys we no longer need to make
Hats and coats and memories
We all lose something along the way

Let your brother down, let your sister go
Take the long way round, ever in the flow

Somewhere in the flow.