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Saturday, September 10, 2016

You can never tell

when he died he was dead and gone
so we explored his house around
dead memories and screwed up stuff
screwed up stuff screwed down

rooms filled with cobwebs
and all the clocks are silent
hidden dusty dramas 
exhausted appetites' disquiet 

tattered comics from the sixties
a collection of women's shoes
christmas decorations
half empty bottles of booze

note books and diaries
Bird's Custard powder packets
amplifiers and audio devices
a quilted smoking jacket

dusty Camaro in the garage
set up on stolen bricks
greasy engines and accidents
and a box of witchcraft sticks

a bin full of cigar butts
letters to the Pope
survival gear and condensed milk
a stash of dessicated dope

they didn't find his body 
just traces of his mind
it's on Ebay now or in the dump
things you have to leave behind

spontaneous combustion
a strange way to go
abducted by aliens
or buried in the snow

plastic bag upon his head
tangerine in his mouth
his girlfriend said he loved her
but I'll always have my doubts

some people go to heaven
others explore their hell
what you leave remains a mystery
no one can never can tell

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