FTMT's Favourite Five Top Tenets

Sunday, December 07, 2008


When I say we wrote a piece of music and called it pools what I mean is we didn't really write it at all as no pens, paper or other writing instruments were involved in the process. The music just came about, was put together and then for a time forgotten, then remembered and remixed and there was a funny noise at 2.10 but I just left it in though I tried to cover it on one version. Then I thought "what the hell" and so I saw it as just something getting bothered about about nothing. It wasn't really about pools either but the image came up along with the overall sound. It was made using guitars, effects, a drum loop and a keyboard and I'm quite pleased with it. (Am I writing this from an "I" or "we" perspective and does that matter at all?). Sometimes things just happen for no reason and in the end you get something new (or new to the listener). I think it will be Christmas soon but that's nothing to do with the tune either.

Leek (and in this case turkey)

Leeks are green and white and long,
Is there anything they've done that's wrong?
Have they started wars or slaughtered whales?
(They've some mild association with Wales,)
They can turn their talents to soup or stew,
They're versatile and under used,
They fit the bill and feed the weak,
So let's give some recognition to the humble leek.