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Monday, February 21, 2005

12 Short Stories on FTMT are coming your way.

“The 12 short stories listed below are coming your way via the world wide wonder (that’s www to you) that is Fairytale Management Theory. Each has keys, principles and messages all designed to help you understand and apply Fairytale Management to your life. Read carefully, think about the words and meanings, think about what you might do, think about what you already have done and move forward. The first of these tales will be published here shortly.”

“In the mean time I’d suggest that you carefully go over the current contents and archive material to be found on this blog, it will all assist you in your quest.”

The short stories about to be published are:

1. The Throwback.
2. Man with two girlfriends.
3. The couple who wanted to buy the big house.
4. “I will fly a helicopter”.
5. Alcoholic lawyer.
6. The sex change.
7. Petrolhead.
8. The magician’s assistant.
9. The bravest scientist in the world.
10.Phobias and manias.
11.A cure for baldness, impotence and short term memory loss.
12.A fully qualified pedestrian.

Soundtrack material can be found at www.mp3tunes.com/impossiblesongs or www.mperia.com/artists/impossible_songs these will help your study of FTMT processes and produce creative brain wave patterns all across and within your conscious and unconscious mind.

Remember – sitting in a chair is not a sin, floating is not a sin, there is no sin, there is only a positive charge in the room, the negative is the heavy end of the package and dry air will always precede the thunder. Take your finger from the neck of the bottle and allow the ions to rise.

www.impossiblesongs.com and http://impossiblesongs.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

hi, i am most impressed with these stories and the whole fairytale management theory....cant wait till another story is posted. They have me on the edge of my seat.