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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There is no misleading information in Fairytales

Fairytale Management Theory (FTMT)

FTMT can be a life affirming positive set of ideals, ideas and principles that you can apply to your whole life. All aspects of life need to be managed and brought under your control using FTMT methods. All resources, talents strengths and weaknesses need to be understood if they are to be used positively for your good and the general good of all others. FTMT allows you to create the room in your life for the impossible to happen and the space for it to develop. Your own limited, poor quality or just plain non-visionary thinking is your worst enemy. Watch out also for repetition of bad habits in “learned behaviour”; repeating mistakes and falling again and again into negative patterns of working and thinking.

We have been developing FTMT over a number of years and have successfully applied it to both major and minor lifestyle changes and choices. It has become obvious to us that it should be shared and utilised by everyone simply because good, positive and “directional” changes occur when it is applied to a whole life or a situation.

FTMT needs to apply to all of your life, home, love and social, career and learning, creative abilities and beyond (spiritual - if that’s what you believe).

FTMT will produce results above and beyond your expectations if you actively and enthusiastically follow and embrace the principles.

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