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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Fairytale Management Theory - Introduction.

Whatever you think....this is just the begining....

Fairy Tale Management - What on earth are you doing here?

Where are you going?

How often have you sat in on a motivational training course or attended a seminar on management techniques and found yourself thinking, “what on earth am I doing here?” You sit trapped listening to well constructed drivel ranging from pop psychology to versions of evolutionary theory smattered with buzz words and terms, dumb jokes and unbelievable illustrations describing how perfect or sorted the trainer’s world now is and yours can be. All thanks to practice X or method Y.

Brother don’t waste my time.

These (often-regular) away days lead you nowhere and most are truly expensive, patronising, mind numbing and forgettable in equal measure. Your companies’ training budget is squandered, your precious time is wasted and you get it in the neck from your partner when you return home late (or worse have had to stay overnight) with a nicely creased suit and a large binder you will never open again. Sound familiar?

Training is draining.

So let’s face it to most people outside the training industry an awful lot of motivational training is bunkum and a waste of everyone’s time, except for the trainer/consultant and his firm. It’s a nice little, repeat earner that has hooked you, your colleagues and numerous shifting management regimes time after time and unless someone is brave enough to stop it, it will continually reinvent itself in some other form and return to haunt your company like an annual ritual. You get a folder full of jargon - mainly incomprehensible Power Point slides, a list of the contacts you made (who will never call you) and a pen. You may also get an upset stomach from the finger buffet or Thai chicken and a large room service bill to settle (if you did stay over) and a feeling of disconnection with training altogether. There must be a better way than this to get things done!


Of course the good news is there is a better way, and you needn’t sit through interminable presentations, attend dull courses that state the bloody obvious, perform stupid and humiliating syndicate exercises or sit next to a big stranger with sweaty palms and armpits and curry breath to get to it.

The answer to your motivation, your problem solving, your what to do next in a crisis, how to manage that difficult member of staff and the “will it ever work” anxiety is right here and available now. Infact it’s here in the centre of your brain and therefore firmly located in your own head. The answer is blindingly simple. Fairy Tale Management Theory or FTMT. Yahoo!

Who the fuck are we?

We are hard nosed, experienced professionals currently at work in both the public and private sectors. We have proven track records in staff management, material management, finance and accounting, logistics and purchasing, training, IT and project work. FTMT works and has worked for us. It is successful in steering business and shaping careers, in commerce and in forward planning, in large and small alike but most excitingly FTMT can have an almost explosive effect on your private life to. FTMT is for the whole person, a holistic solution to today’s stress and anxiety-ridden lifestyles and relationships. Your life can change completely or selectively, quickly or gradually, as much or as little as you wish with the simple and straightforward application of FTMT.

Blast the past.

We urge you to forget the so-called gurus, the hollow experts, the teachers and preachers who will give you their success stories time after time with no keys, who’ll shout at you, give schemes and diagrams, sell you books and videos, demand subscription to spurious organisations that have no claws and offer no practical help – they are peddling the snake oil of the 21st century and you and your firm have been buying it. Face the facts, most of these guys retired early or wrote one mediocre book, they’re on fat pensions and now acting as consultants they’re touring the world spouting forth on whatever management theory they can. They’ll advocate management structures and production schedules of all kinds without ever having to worry about making it happen in the real world for unlike you they do not have to deliver.

Blah blah blah.

Go to your local bookstore, go online, there are simply hundreds of sources of information about management techniques, selling, buying, solving problems, and getting the figures to add up right. You read them but what actually changes? You try to apply the teaching and someone senior gets the credit (if there’s a change) or stubs it out if they sense difficulty or it’s not today’s flavour. So something fundamental has to change in you and your business, whatever size whether it’s big or small, growing, shrinking or standing still, if you want to taste success you can.

This is my baby.

Nobody plays a sport, runs a business, brings up a family, and lives a life looking to fail. We all want to and need to succeed and of course the good news from FTMT is that we can – everybody can. Of course the truth is that everybody won’t succeed, those still following the latest conventional thinking will never make real progress. They may appear to but they will fail in other significant life type areas of concern and weakness. Of course any change or improvement made by imagination and skill is to be praised and congratulated but first and foremost it is not systems and procedures, or those people above or below you that must change – its you.

A big pig called you.

It all starts with and ends with you. You are the person who must become empowered and enthused to be the change agent that brings the success you desire. As has already been said FTMT changes will not stop at benefiting your business and career, your whole lifestyle, you private and family life, your financial, social leisure and even into the deeper realms of artistic and spiritual satisfaction. All will improve.

Remember when you were a child. You went to the movies or you read stories (maybe someone read you stories), great stories, fantasy and fairy tales, classic yarns of magic and mystery, impossible and unlikely things happened and popped before your eyes. You listened eagerly to each word, stared at the images, drank them in and believed in them. You heard these stories time and time again, you memorised then, felt you knew the characters, passed them onto your own children or even grandchildren and delighted in their enjoyment as you share the experience. The power of those stories stayed with you, like a flame inside as your core was touched – and yet they all ended the same way. They all ended with the same words “They all lived happily ever after”. How good did it feel to hear that? All the dragons were slain, the wicked witch was dead, and the prince married the beautiful girl and yes they lived – “happily ever after”.

Love me - love my fairytale

I’m sure it occurred to you that life, real life was not like that. Children quickly and efficiently learn to distinguish between fantasy and reality, but sometimes in that process something fundamental and foundational is lost. So “happy ever after” only happens in stories, real life is a different beast. Mum and dad quarrelled, dad lost his job, illness came upon the family, you were bullied at school, your pet died, you failed a test or exam and never scored the winning point in that school team. Happy ever after is not within your realm of experience, there is not sustained happy feeling and what, how long is ever after anyway? Sad isn’t it? Of course your not alone, as you grow up you see you’re not alone, you look out over the big wide world and are fed a daily diet of bad news and crisis – unrelenting. So your life experience is patchy, some success, some failure. This happens, that happens, things don’t work out, you become cynical or depressed, you’re lonely, life’s a chore and of course nobody understands you. Least of all those slick suits trying to sell those management methods and ideas. The presentations and oily encouragement wont change you or shake you into seeing things differently or pouring your heart into doing something different. If this sounds like you, if you've been there then you are not alone and you don’t have to live that way.

Most people struggle to admit it but there is a nagging and a longing and a need to connect with something else within but they just don’t know what it is. Some simply immerse themselves in their jobs or families. They work themselves into the ground, appear superficially happy and successful but still feel (if they dare admit it) lost, unhappy and unfulfilled. Some turn to sports or hobbies, booze or religion, some simply run away whilst others crack and break under the pressure of it all. They need to fill that hungry gap. What is it all about? FTMT packs the answer.

The second best will not do.

It’s sad that many people today have lost their sparkle, that they have dulled or even dumbed down themselves to become something that they are fundamentally not – ordinary. Everybody is extraordinary, but asleep or numb to the fact and exercising or stepping out into the world of the extraordinary is inconceivable. When you stop dreaming, dreams stop coming true, when you settle for second best or second rate, then that is what you get. If this seems blindingly obvious, it’s because it is, and inside everybody knows it.

Modern men and women are full of fear. Fear of financial trouble, loss of health, family troubles, losing face or disappointing the expectations from peer groups and partners. Fear drives us to lead lives we never planned or chose and casualties of these poorly constructed lifestyles abound. Stress and pain, anger and resentment, despair and disillusionment all pile up on many people as they see their lives pass by without realising their dreams. That is how it is for the majority, and how it will be and will continue to be. But that doesn’t mean you have to remain bound up and into it.

What really runs the universe?

People have lots of ideas, religions, and philosophies all of which at one time or in some way claim to answer or explain all or some of the universal mysteries. Men go mad, become ill and depressed, lose sleep, money and lovers, and get suicidal and maniacal over these issues. Innumerable wars are fought, lives wasted and lost over the imagined answers to basic questions that become set in concrete in the minds of many. Well we don’t claim any special or hidden knowledge or marvellous insights. Think of it this way, how much of anything do you really know? OK you know about your job, what you did at school or college, but that’s mostly head knowledge grafted on from others about straight and definite subjects. Get to the edge of anything and it all goes a bit fuzzy. So what do we really know about any of the big stuff in the universe? We observe and note, analyse and assume and all that adds up to what? So what really runs the universe? Nobody knows or can know so it must be something inexplicable and so the answer for us must be simple. Magic. Magic runs the universe, and what is magic? Magic! You can’t understand it or explain it (if you could it wouldn’t be magic) and accepting that magic governs all frees you up to do things other than worry, worship or war over inexplicable universal truths. Live your life and let the magic work for you.

Not only do we tell the truth we also make it up.

The understated, invisible magic that runs the world and binds people and events together is as real as you want it to be. History is a magic timeline or tight rope we all walk along, how good will your walk be? It is all up to you and the first and hardest step for anyone is stepping back and taking responsibility for your life. Look at where you are and where you want to be and let that magic work – and the surprising thing is that it will. Of course you can believe what you like when you like, or as many people do, really believe in nothing in particular, which of course gets you sweet nothing. Belief (I’m using this word in its loosest sense) in Fairytale Management and the magic of the universe immediately removes and barriers, preconceptions or attitude problems you may have. In a Fairytale who makes the rules? – it has to be you! And all by virtue of the magic you provide and equip and mobilise yourself with, all of which actually works rather effectively.

Tried and tested testimonials.

Well that’s one thing you wont get, tests, this isn’t science, it’s magic, so forget all that stuff. If you want proof of anything in scientific terms you can go to the science lab and you’ll get that eventually, but FTMT isn’t about that, it’s at another level altogether. It’s all about taking a little risk or gamble, stepping out and believing, stretching yourself beyond yourself into some other new and different place. It could be as easy as making a phone call, sending a letter or email, walking out or walking in. You will know the moment.

To try to help there are a number of stories we’ve put together. Each one makes sense and on it’s own illustrates some of the points above. The whole collection provides some illustrations of what can and does happen when FTMT techniques are used. Of course it’s up to you whether or not you believe it.


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