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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hold on to your songs

Hold on to your Songs

Words of wisdom from the contained and the contrite.
The magic pull of garden centres does not last long.
Wine and cigarettes are an unhealthy combination.
Take a twist and you may bust, or win.
Sleeping in movie theatres is never good.
Watering down glue to spread it further.
Lottery tickets burning in a fire.
Noodles, poor men's or other wise.
Pasta, chicken, pasta, mushrooms, pasta, cheese, pasta, onions.
A rain torn sky hiding the brightest star.
Red sails in the sunset.
Hot chocolate cake melting behind the microwave door.
The North Pole is the warmest place in the world.
What happens when the ink finally runs out?
I don’t much feel like dancing.
Capturing fallen leaves in a frame so they survive the winter.
Time for reflection.
Pondering the angst and problems of a chosen level of anominity.
The white space that collides with the grey matter.
You can manage knowledge and you can’t knowledge manage, or can you?
Podcasts are catching on but maturity takes time.
Writing a critical review then leaving in a spelling mistake.
Deciding what half of my brain to use today.
The quick, the dead and the pedestrian.
Hearing about odd exploits in Saudi Arabia.
Is it possible to overdo the salad part of the meal?
Daydreaming in the classroom and then waking up.
Fairytales revised and doing the revision.

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