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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Blackest of the black arts

Politics: Darker than a black hole in a black hole at midnight down a coal mine. So called men of wisdom dabble in politics and power. Never had a real job or career, never had to feed a family or decorate the bathroom or cultivate friends. Perpetual students arguing about economics and philosophy while children starve in the room next door and dogs grip bones like they were family. Politics is the battle of wills and words, bordering on the absurd. One-upmanship and petty insults, parties and handshakes and the networks of the old boys, spit, polish and the revolution tempered by potential directorships and retirement plans. Such is the way of the no longer working man, wear a fine suit and argue with the breeze while you bring the country and the people to their knees, for your own ego and the good of your pension. Politics and integrity, two things you can't mention. Everybody is betrayed, sooner or later.

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