FTMT's Favourite Five Top Tenets

Saturday, June 06, 2009


After a few weeks of drought the divine rains are once again pouring over us and onto us from above. Great streams and rivers of silver lightning rod rainwater flow down through the green trees and splash across leaves and branches, they puddle for the shortest time as if to gather and catch their breath and and then cascade down over more greenery and foliage onto our upturned faces and into our cup clasped hands. We are refreshed and in possession of a new and keener spirit, sharp as a lady shave and clean as the bottom of a dishwasher. We are younger in mind and taut and ready to escape back into the wilder places were our thoughts and aspirations can know no firm boundaries. We are the ones who have chosen to be chosen, we defy the gods, the governments and the mass conscious and the mediocrity of life, we rise above as we destroy and rebuild ourselves. There is a new and available imperfection out there for all of us to contribute to and the fear of failure or criticism is of little or no consequence. Wabi-sabi.

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