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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mirror Lake

So we headed for a winter honeymoon,
But the desk clerk said “the snow is comin’ soon”,
“You’d better take a four wheel drive, help you make it through the night”,
But I don’t know

Drove from Winnipeg up to Mirror Lake
Just to see how long the journey'd take,
Never did apply the brakes,
But I don’t know

Been bathing in the hottest springs
Jumpin’ cracks and different things
Try to mend those broken wings
But I don’t know

And every time I hear that lonesome train,
I think about the people, the shoguns and the rain,
Caught your eye a while ago, seems we take things pretty slow,
But I don’t know

A cowgirl waitress told me “live it well”
And always end the set on “what the hell!”
I should’ve let her kiss and tell,
But I don’t know

So I’m in the arms of someone that I love
Fate called round and we gave it a shove
Learned a lesson, learned it late, three big pancakes on my plate
But I don’t know

So now I know.

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