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Friday, November 26, 2010

...half biscuit

There are questions in the corner of my mind that lurk
Like how do the road gritters ever get to work?
Answer me that and you could win a lifetime of a cruise
But hold the phone, here’s Judy Tzuke to take us to the news.

So Tanita Tikaram remains obsessed with tragic Judee Sill
Said “Jesus was a cross-maker who’s making crosses still”
And Linda Ronstadt covered it and so did young Beth Orton
There may be better versions but most of them are now forgotten.

On a moon-lit night when nothing’s right I think of Warren Zevon
The werewolf riff we can’t forgive and a caravan in Devon
The Hollies didn’t make it right nor Dexy’s Midnight Runners
But I used to have a Telecaster not unlike Joe Strummers’.

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