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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

She used to just laugh

There is nothing natural in Piccadilly Circus.

As a mature scientist I want to seek out what lies beneath the surface.

No buildings, no cars, no roads. Unlock the raw materials.

It's the piece that everyone remembers him for, it's the piece.

We're going to be fine, I trust you (surge in background music, lyrics almost fitting the scene, but not quite).

We're going to make a fortune when we sell. I think it can actually see heat.

The truth is they can't start anything until they get access. That's the truth.

Everything is costing them money.

I remember my first terrorist attack. The next day they took away our sweets.

Just one day, maybe it will make a difference, just one day.

I used to get hate mail, early on, all about my material, used to get hate mail.

He is Oscar Wilde in so many ways but not, something quite hot, joking, sometimes filthy.

She just used to laugh about it, laugh, she died laughing, so I heard.

I'll even sign autographs, that's what I'll do and it'll be the best night ever.

Well let's see how hot the little lady is...you're on fire.

Are you getting me a latte? Are you using that machine? Are you the part owner of this cafe?

Extraordinary things, try to change the way you see things, it's available now, never been a better time.

Take it with you, carry it with you, carry that film moment with you, carry like a reel of 35mm, like a can, like a tape, like you made it, own it. Like you wrote it. Did you write it?

He's one step ahead of the rest of us; how can that actually be?

This is it, this is the room.

I feel something happening, I can really feel it, something in the metal, something happening, in there, you're getting feedback from it, it's coming back at you, you begin to learn. Trial and error.

“I think I realised that it was best not to think about it, just allow myself to get into that person, not to try to write or concoct something, I just needed to allow myself to be that person for as long as I need, I just become them and let that life force, that calculated but natural moment of their own existence and experience to happen. Let things happen to you, let the universe flow through you. The universe, you stretch and compress, you test it, you let it happen. That is the best and most appropriate characterisation working protocol.”

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