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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Electrical Fruit



Scottish scientists in collusion with their Mexican based counterparts have discovered a method of generating electricity from limes and lemons. This also works in reverse; limes, lemons and other citrus fruit can consume excess energy and so act as a buffer for any power spikes that may arise across the network.

A grant has been proved by the FTMT Foundation into fully researching the acidic qualities of fruits v their electrical properties and uses. The spectrum of belief within the Scottish scientific community has broadened as a result of this sharing of knowledge as has the Tequila and Nachos consumption. Everybody is happy so far, getting on with thinking wide-ranging and strange thoughts and the summer is generally appearing warmer than first thought. Whatever: the formula can be written thus:

e=l/l (citrus factor/x2)~lime/lemon reduction<92>

Most ordinary people are both puzzled and stumped by this phenomenon - I’m happy to say.

Special thanks to "Erin’s Kitchen" for the photo.

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