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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Judas again




The role of Judas in history – who are his heirs today and who will speak up for him? Portrayed as wretched, evil, bitter, misunderstood, dark and brooding, always self-seeking, characteristics that cross many boundaries of behaviours and action in this wide world. Where is the truth about him and where are our so called leaders in relation to him?

Christ’s confidant: Jesus said to him “Step away from the others and I shall tell you the mysteries of the kingdom, of my kingdom. Where you plant those poison seeds the most fruitful vine shall grow, the clearest, sweetest wine shall be made from the fruit. The troubled acre will come to yield the greatest harvest of them all. For you have understood your part in my plan and have remained faithful to it. Ignore the empty curses and disregard the bleak memories your name shall recall for them. What do they know or understand after all?

Loyal servant: “You will be cursed by the other generations, that is the price of your immortal standing. They have not understood the events of these last days, but you will exceed all of them. For you will sacrifice the man that clothes me and in this act you are reborn.”

Triumphant: Jesus answered and said “You will come to rule over them. The holy purity of human rejection is not so hard to bare, even for the simple and straightforward that is the only path that can succeed. I am going there first, you will follow; they are reluctant because they cannot see the way but you shall be the pathfinder for many. You must stay strong and faithful to this destiny for in those days they shall come to curse your ascent to the holy.”

Possessed by the devil: Then Satan entered into Judas, called Iscariot, one of the twelve. And Judas went to the chief priests… and discussed with them how he might betray Jesus. Luke 22: 3-4.

Betrayal and self-possession: “What choice do you really have in this eternal chess game, what influence and by what or whose motivation do you act. Are you a pawn or a king? You have no clear knowledge of these things. You slip and trip on this broken path, you forage and gather to live and by your appetites test and condemn yourself. When I speak to the world who listens? Voices cry from every household and street corner, from every market and frontier. “Go this way, go that way!” You listen to the cacophony of this human pandemonium and try to make sense of it, but no common strand or clear meaning can be found. This is the rhetoric and graffiti of the chaotic and undisciplined minds that will tear all good things down and apart eventually.”

You say, “there is the church, see how it is built, see how strong it stands, a perfect model for us to copy.” You copy, pilfer and plagiarise those ideas until they are dry husks and then you abandon them. Then you say, “we were wrong, that is not the way, see, this man has the answer, and so you follow him for a time, you tread in his footsteps and sleep in his doorway. You sneak and learn his secrets and then turn them against him and say, “We were wrong about him..” So in this process you do the greatest damage, you twist and torture the innocent, you lead them astray while you seek this muddled glory you believe is rightfully yours, never considering the harm you do all along the way.”

What must it feel like to always believe yourself to be right and righteous all the time? To hold up a public face of shining godliness that is so rotten beneath, corrupt and so diseased at it’s core and yet in the face of everything maintain it steadfastly.

They are afraid to ask the questions, they are afraid to speak out. You have trained them in your ways and they cannot and dare not speak out against you. A paper thin smile across the faces as you lead them to a manufactured hell. Nothing but wilful and cold manipulation and a constant stream of sugar coated evil messages and a need to control. I see what the mirror now reflects for you and I do not envy you your future.

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