FTMT's Favourite Five Top Tenets

Tuesday, April 11, 2006




Romance burned there once
Slow like a watched candle
Hot like the yellow flame
Then back to blue again.
Tears and conversations
Moods and apologies and the clink
Of glasses and outpouring
Now yesterday is today
Facing the empty space
Reaching into a black name
Here lies the remains.

They were never truly together
Never completely apart
It was a hundred mistakes rolled into one
That made sense to friends
And never looked good on paper
Rolling in the cold snow
And running for shelter
But everything is consumed

They tell you not to look back,
Don’t be like them
Be some new bright idea
That doesn’t struggle to succeed
Or survive
Until the harder times arrive and we sit.

As all must, sit and face that opposite thing
That made sense but now twists
Like the waiters corkscrew
Slowly pulling the seal from the neck
Uncorking the pressure
Spilling and dribbling
Something sweet and intoxicating
Safe for tonight and some other day perhaps
But destined to melt away.

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