FTMT's Favourite Five Top Tenets

Tuesday, August 15, 2006




Things not to worry about:

The church being behind you.

Any kind of artistic rejection.

The weather – it always happens.

People thinking that you are invisible.

Car exhaust fumes from the car in front entering your car.

Scottish religious fundamentalists – that’s a real joke.

River beds if they are murky.

Athlete’s foot – no one died of it.

Enjoying fish fingers.

Where the cat may be on a cold night.

What you will ultimately achieve in your life.


Having odd bits of paper in your pocket.

Eating regularly – get out of that crippling habit.

Liking music that other people don’t.

Having a torch with decent batteries in it always at hand.

Burning your finger tips on candles.

Eating chocolate from the fridge.

Disturbing your neighbours (don’t make a habit though...)

Other peoples ignorance – is that your fault?

Knowing the correct time.

Whether or not a bus will come.

Everything in your life having to make some kind of sense.

Drinking the last bottle of wine, the one your were saving for a rainy day.

(Above applies to all “rainy day” based thinking).

Blogging and getting dumb, unhelpful comments, who cares?

Two faced, po faced Christian types.

Stuff on the other side of the world.

Whether or not there are 8, 9 or 10 planets.

Not reading those recommended books or seeing those films.

Not agreeing with reviews in the List, Q, empire or whatever.

Picking your nose, you can’t reach your brain from there.

Getting old(er), not so bad really.

Having bad, anti social little habits, (gum, dogs, cigars etc.)

Being rubbish at darts.

Not understanding chess or HTML.

The Scottish Nationalists ever winning anything substantial.

Avoiding apples, because they never taste as good as they look.

Being born too late / too early.

Being hit by a meteor.

Losing a tooth.

The meaning of biblical passages.

The American government.

That one day all the things you love will be lost to you.

Understanding other people’s over inflated views on things.

Not getting ecstatic over Italian food.

Spending a few hours doing nothing in particular.

Taking a risk with something.

Handling snakes.

Whether to save or spend.

How your bum actually looks.

Being engulfed by some kind of natural disaster.

Keeping up with soap operas.

Starting to write a novel and actually finishing it.

Getting the right size of T shirt.

Eating crisps straight from a bag.

Wearing odd socks now and again.

Brushing your teeth too fiercely.

Walking along a road.

Watching a subtitled film and keeping up with the action.

How many hits your website may be getting.

Having a scuff on your shoe.

Life in general.

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