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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Short Dictionary of Spammers.

Miles McCopeland: Viagra and various concrete products from Hong Kong.
Northeast Western Virtual Banking Company: Specialists in not giving out any money but sucking in the funds of others.
Lusty Sparrow: Existential Opera.
Vi: Amateur penis enlargement (for amateur penis use).
King Henry: Illegal burgers made from extinct buffalo.
The Sods: Free Brazilian MP3 downloads crippled with out of tune viruses.
Charlie Boy: Young pretender’s relatives.
Drug Free: Free Drugs for $5.99.
Love Drags: Free imprisoned drag artistes.
Easy Travelling in Space: Interstellar travel agency.
Johnny Snob: Private School Dormitory scam.
She will love you: Love 4 sale.
Ironic Bionics: Confused comedy robots.
Mgbumd D’Jembe: Nigerian Business Community.
Mgbumd Blair: Nigerian political bomb factory.
HNOT: Fake bank.
PayPalNeedsYourNumbers: Russian Mafia contact list.
Mgbumd Brown: Lecherous Nigerian business excellence model.
Ka Ka: Pornographic Parrot and squirrel.
KI KI: Pornographic budgie.
KOO KOO: Pornographic Blue Tit.
Vi_Vi: Amateur penis enlargement made from extinct buffalo.
KaoKai: Pornographic Parrot made from extinct buffalo.
Tastes like chiken.com: Parrot made from extinct buffalo.
Shy will luv yer: Love for sale in Romania.
White Smile Mile: Ivory trade tooth implants.
Tormento O’Toole: Warped Irish Wooden puzzles.
Vagabonds: Paid vagrancy.
Fjala Mescaline: Acid puppet show.
Scuba Duh: Dog with aqualung fetish.
Chain_Snapper: Fish walking and student programme
A loan is waiting alone: Money.
Soma Coma: Mild sleeping drafts under ill fitting doors.
Bored Silly: California Activity Holidays.
TSHIRTSQUIRT: Hilarious water squirting T Shirts.
Jazz Bomber: WW11 Aircraft owner’s club and money launderer.
KUKU McNabb: Wino from Greenock.
Squiffy the bean: Ancient comic hero now with dementia.
Kalahari: Compilations of desert meats and pies.
Opiates&Oil: Bush family retirement fund.
Setthecontrols.com: Gardener from Cambridge selling weed.
Srceamsetters: Red dogs who type.
MyBuffyHat: Vampire Milliners and wannbees.
ViagraSales Ltd: Cocoa growers from Zambia.
SmileInc: Oral fillings.
SwishyDisco: Music downloads and habberdashery.
She_wants_two: Shopping webring.
Cheese_akimbo: Dutch Disco Anthems.
BillyMacFish: Confused goalkeeping legend.
Shewillscream4more: Hammer Horror sex toys.
Shewillscreamforless: PORG chat room.
Shewillscream4sugar: Pony club site.
Shewillscream4brownsugar: Rolling Stones fanzine.

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