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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not bright, not pretty

Some sad day.
The Fisher King and the King of Swing met with me and my armadillo.
We bought a tent, just to save the rent but the cash was spent, on trifles.
“I played the field, you did not yield and my fate was sealed”, said the maestro.

A Time Bandit stole, the half then the whole, the fire and the coal.
So we carried the bags and allowed things to sag. In the name of soul. In the name of soul.
I am hidden now for I took a vow of silence. That means silence.
There was a white van. I recognised the man, he worked for Reliance.
So the story goes, so I may wear clothes, and you may suppose.
My punctuation sucks, like a chicken clucks and a fuck wit fucks.

I drink to forget, everyone I’ve met and that works for me.
If you need a lift, if you want a gift, then God gives them free.
If your cheerful and cheap, if you drive a heap and can be discrete.
You are loved.

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