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Friday, January 01, 2010

Here we all are

Lady Ronaele

No excessive use observed
But my dreaming leaks persist
The old age and the mystery
The punishing mental history
Inflated pictures and the dubious taste
Of my lost pleasures and their worn down waste.

Some dreadful social gaff
Unspeakable but such a laugh
The cure may be a tepid bath
Or an operation’s aftermath.

I’m stoical and belligerent
A new man, once intelligent
A customer and a complainer
Card carrying atheist and true believer.

So we rejoice in a machine gun membrane
A quality of life unpicked and scattered
To keep your chin up in dignity
With the hope that nothing mattered.

And no one noticed…
…then in walked Roderick Usher with the Lady Eleanor.

Based on the base of a true story by the Brothers Grimm.

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