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Thursday, January 07, 2010


The collected wisdom of Fairy Tale Management: part wop wop of an occasional series on good advice, suggestions and hints and tips for you from the deep pool of the Fairy Tale Oracle. Terms and conditions apply and there are other blog type things available but I've no idea where.

Always err on the side of gravity.
You can lead a horse to water but not a mouse.
Cooking can be complicated but with no guaranteed result.
Attention spans are shorter than the speaker might think.
A telephone call is a small voice far away.
You can live quite well without music.
Your odd socks will go unobserved.
Though urine is sterile beware of the strawberry jam.
The climate is whatever you get.
Those who drop litter are idiots.
You will be surprised by the output from the seeds you plant.
Families will argue more than friends.
The bottom of the freezer drawers are a mystery.
Clean what you can, no one will notice the rest.
A man without a tie has as much clout as a man with one.
Most people have already seen the thing you consider brand new.
Everybody gets stuck behind a tractor, there is no need to share the tale.
Standing still in the shower does not get your body wet all over.
Think whenever you can.
There is always a news headline but the weight of the stories change.
The days of pubs are numbered - sadly.
You cannot keep snowflakes alive.
There is care and there is extreme care but who knows the difference?
Your community is where you are, whether you like it or not.
It can get colder.
You may not be going anywhere.

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